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SPECIAL DISCOUNT TARIFF w.e.f 01/04/2020 up to 31/03/2021

My Dear Advertisers,
We would have the opportunity to inform all of you with humble request to visit our News Website/ News portal “www.specialopinion.in”,which is a world wide viewers’ News Web Portal highlighting specially for upliftment of socio-economic,political & educational status of weaker sections of the society. The “www.specialopinion.in’ is a very popular among the readers/ people in the world which is covering topics of various problems in the society and it is very useful informative document for readers. We are very proud of its circulation as It is a popular news portal for the politicians and high level officials as to eradicate & check corruption in the administration for which people are getting due benefits out of government assistance. In this opportunity, we would have a request you to visit our web portal regular and support us in releasing advertisements from your esteemed organization for your wide publicity as well as for success of our aim & objects of the endeavor.

With regards for your good response & regular reading,

Advertisement Manager

Payment should be made in advance in shape of cheque/DD for the private advertisers only . Govt. Companies/PSUs as advertisers should release R.O. only.


  • 1.Ear Panel Banner Size(930X100Pixels)——for 30days=Rs 22,000/-
  • 2.Banner Size-(1035X1280 Pixels)—————-for 30days=Rs.20,000/-
  • 3.Banner Size-(728X90 Pixels)———————for 30days=Rs.15,000/-
  • 4.Banner Size-(300X250 Pixels)——————-for 30days=Rs.10,000/- 
  • 5.All Greetings/Birth Day wish etc+Photo..for 7 days= Rs.1,500/-only
  • (All Banners will be displayed only in the Side Bar first come first basis)
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