Ganjam Education department donated to CMRF for COVID-19…

Chatrapur(Special Opinion)All Schols Privet Schools Saraswati Sisumandir and Xavier School Collecting from their staffs and teachers one day salary handed over to DEO in the shape of cheque as donation to the CMRF to meet the COVID-19 pandemic.All staffs teaching and non teaching staffs of chatrapur block donated in shape of cheque to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to meet COVID-19 pandemic. Ganjam District Education Officer has thanked to all the teachers and staffs for their best efforts and contribution to CMRF to fight against COVID-19.Details as such the Xavier School donated Rs.31000/-,Chtrapur Public school Rs.10,000/-,Sriram Nagar Sisu mandir- Rs.10,000/-,Maa Saraswati Sishu Mandir-Rs.15000/-,Zee School-Rs. 25000/-, Arabinda School of chatrapur-Rs. 6500/-, Arabinda School Bada Madhapur- Rs.10000/-,Euro kids -Rs. 35000/- total Rs.1,11,500/-collected donation to CMRF from Chatrapur block in shape of cheque today.

Report : Nimai Charan Panda

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