Raikia Police directs to shopkeepers to display price list…

Phulabani(Special Opinion)Due to luckdown in all over India, the shopkeepers are selling their essential good on high rate alleged every where in towns & rural villages avoid government orders as inaction of police.But it is the duty of the police to check black-marketing. Raikia police in Kandhamal district have taken appreciated steps to direct the local shopkeepers to display the price list outside their shops.Accordingly All Shopkeepers have displayed price list so that they are not charging high premium for essential goods.Many also point out to panic buying behind the sudden price rise.The district administration has announced that grocers and traders of other essential commodities can operate between 7:00am and 11:00am. Although these shops open on a regular basis, a number of people tend to overbuy in anticipation of food shortage in days to come.

Report : Nimai Charan Panda

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