Reliance foundation donated Masks at Bobbili…

Vizianagaram (Special Opinion) The Bobbili Warriors, in collaboration with the Reliance Foundation, distributed masks to municipal sanitation workers, traders and construction workers at various intersections in Bobbili. As a dignitary High Court Advocate Munakala Venkataramana expressed and appreciated the special services rendered by the sanitation workers during the first two waves,and advised all the frontline workers to keep physical distance and wear masks,to check the pandemic. About 2000 masks were distributed at the event. Sanitary Inspector Murali, Reliance coordinator mantri Santosh, High Court Advocate Munakala Venkataramana, social activists kasa Suresh, Sunkari Krishna Rao, Gurunath & sachivalayam ward sanitation secretaries were present on the occasion.

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