Sub-Collector Office ‘Gherao’ by the Ganjam Lawyers…

Berhampur (Special Opinion) The Ganjam Bar Association at Berhampur have been outraged against the Berhampur Sub-Collector and the lawyers united went on a procession to the office of the Sub-Collector, shouting slogans like “Go back and Sub Collector Chhi Chhi. with a memorandum demanding action against the Sub-Collector, Berhampur. And they handed over memorandum to the Secretary to Southern Revenue Commissioner and sent to Chief Minister, Law Minister, Chief Justice of the High Court. The lawyers collectively approached the Secretary to the Southern Revenue Commissioner and handed over the allegation for strong action. It is to be noted that while the government has implemented various preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the country and the Collector in the district has directed to strictly adhere to it as “Everyone is forced to wear masks when they go out, and those who disobey the rule will be fined Rs 200. But a lawyer in the court area allegedly did not wear a mask, & moved in Court areas for which the Sub Collector charged him Rs. 200 and threatened to send him jail if he did not pay Rs 200 as the lawyer alleged before their union. Dissatisfied with this, the lawyers gathered in a procession and marched the Sub-Collector office yesterday and surrounded “gherao” his office. Local police arrived and controlled the law & order situation. It is noteworthy that there have been instances of such type of disputes between the Sub-Collector at Berhampur and the lawyer several times in the past. While the Chief Minister was Janaki Ballabh Patnaik, between the Sub Collector and the court lawyers were shaken by the tumultuous storm as the Sub Collector made harsh remarks to a lawyer. He was transferred within 24 hours. On the other hand, the District Collector has ordered to wear a mask, but as a lawyer, he came out and walked around the court without a mask, while the Sub Collector asked to pay a fine of Rs 200 was not a wrong as the intellectuals opined and it is alleged by the lawyer as the Sub Collector threatened to send jail is an offence the lawyer alleged. All the lawyers if united for any attack to a lawyer would be safe in the future,” said some lawyer. “It was not right for an officer to warn a lawyer in the court area that he will be fined and sent to jail for not wearing a mask,” a lawyer said. The next course of action was discussed and decided by senior and young lawyers of the union,they marched the South Revenue commissioner’s office and handed over a memorandum to the secretary of the southern revenue commission for legal action. A copy of the memorandum has also been sent to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of the High Court and the Chief Minister for appropriate action, they said. Many senior lawyers are in favor of young lawyers. “It simply came to our notice that. “our lawyers’ union has shown itself to be honest and polite, and has opened the mouths of selfish lawyers,” those have not joined this with us as they said. we would like to thank all the lawyers in the union. “We always have any problem of lawyers,we will be united” some lawyers said.Next phase of action they waited for decision of union.

Report : Nimai Charan Panda  

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