To avoid shopping from Malgodown area extended a week again…

Cuttack(Special Opinion)In Cuttack town in Malgodown area has remained the COVID Hotspot in Cuttack and the containment zone has been extended for further one week to avoid shopping. CMC Commissioner Ms Ananya Das requested the people of Cuttack city to avoid the retail purchase of items from Malgodown area at least for a week. There are 773 active cases of COVID-19 in the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) area out of which 641 cases were reported in the last one week. Among these 641 cases, 298 cases (46 per cent) are from containment zones.Das said from July 31 to August 7, 33 per cent (211 of the 641 cases) of the COVID-19 positives were detected from Home quarantine cases, which comprises ‘contacts of positives’ and ‘returnees’.Das said 45 cases are from institutional quarantine (including COVID Care Homes) and 87 COVID-19 positives during the last seven days in CMC are local contact cases.She said Behera Sahi, Telugu Sahi, and Jalua Sahi have been included in containment zones.The first case in Malgodown was detected on July 23 in Behera Sahi. As a result of a wide range of testing in the area, a number of cases were detected. Besides, the buffer zone (area around a containment zone) of Behera Sahi also reported several cases of COVID-19.Ms Das said: Intensive tracing, testing, and isolation is being carried out in Behera Sahi, Telugu Sahi, and Jalua Sahi. Considering the economic importance of the area we are carrying out extensive testing to check the spread of COVID-19.So far, in Behera Sahi, 689 samples have been collected out of which 280 were positive. In Telugu Sahi 212 samples were collected and 81 COVID positives detected. Similarly, in Jalua Sahi, 43 novel Coronavirus cases have been reported.The CMC Commissioner said the positivity rate in Behera Sahi has reduced significantly from 100 per cent on July 23 to 10.71 per cent on August 7.She said most of the cases in the CMC area are asymptomatic and added that the present bed-capacity of COVID Care Homes in Cuttack City is 1,235.Ms Das has ordered to extend to stop marketing in Malgodown area for further one week as per report.

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