To save elephants,wells around green fences…

Dhenkanal(Special Opinion)Green fences have been erected around 10 wells in Mahidharpur Mundakhaman area of Sadar range under Odapada block in this district. This has been done to prevent elephants from falling into wells.Elephant menace has been a cause of concern here both for people and forest department personnel. Elephant herds with calves straying into the villages searching for food have become a regular affair. However cases of elephants falling into man-made wells have been on the rise creating problems for forest department personnel.With an aim to save these pachyderms from falling into wells, the ‘Collective Initiation for Social Solidarity’, an organisation working for the safety of wild animals, has fenced 10 wells with green fence.The organisation had taken up the issue with the Wildlife Trust of India, providing it with all the details. The Trust then released funds for the erection of the boundary walls. These 10 wells are surrounded by green bushes and thorns giving the boundary walls a natural look.

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